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the pilgrimage: A Spiritual Journey

The pilgrim was tired and thirsty. He had been on the road for many months and it would be two more weeks before he arrived at his destination. Every pilgrimage is a personal journey, a journey of discovery he thought and every journey is a pilgrimage. The pain, the blisters, the heat, the lack of water and food and the bandits.

The terrain was unknown to most pilgrims and bandits knew exactly where to hide and take advantage of the Pellegrino. For now it was enough to discover ones soul and feel the joy of the end of the journey. In time, thoughts would have to turn to the next six months which would be the time it would take to walk back to the village and home.

 Medina to Mecca - the
 The original Journey of
 The Prophet
 Routes from Medina to
 Spiritual Journeys

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